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CHARITYSTAKES.COM is a revolutionary website that breaks through all of the negative associations and repercussions of online gaming as we know it. has created a membership based gaming site that allows users unlimited monthly access to play against other members in any of the four localized games and the opportunity to participate in pools for seven different sporting events. A specific charity, assigned upon registration, receives five dollars a month from each individual's membership fees. Another five dollars is sent to the winner's circle to be collected every month by tournament and event winners. It is a no lose situation, because in addition to donating to a wonderful charity every month, members also have the opportunity to play their favorite online games, and WIN!

Memberships are set up on a monthly basis without the commitment and hassle of monthly contracts. While a portion of the small monthly fee is assigned to a specific charity and the winnerís pool, the remaining portion of the membership cost goes to ensure constantly controlled security software.

THRILL WITHOUT RISK is committed to responsible game-play, as it is not a gambling website. Charity Stakes members never gamble their money; therefore, they are never able to lose money. The platform encourages competitive casino games and athletic team betting, with the ability to win prizes without the risk of losing money. The online site provides an environment with the same thrill as playing in the most luxurious Las Vegas casino with the convenience of playing online for a monthly membership of $19.95. Members can choose their interactive competitors based on skill level, statistics and approach, while an over all surveillance of communication is kept to eliminate inappropriate poor sportsmanship.

FUNDRASING WITHOUT PRESSURE works with charities and fundraising groups to get their websites linked within 24 hours after concise benefactor approval. Once approved, CHARITYSTAKES alleviates some of the legwork for the benefactors by consistently providing monthly donations via the membership allocations. Upon initial registration, members are assigned a benefactor code that stays with them for the life of their membership. In addition to linking the benefactorís informational website to, the participating charities will receive a monthly check that will continue to grow as membership builds.

Creators Barbara Bucca and Michael Schapp have backgrounds in fundraising and non-traditional advertising. After personal experiences and devastation from gambling and more specifically online gambling, the pair was inspired to positively recreate online gaming for greater good. is an outlet for those that love the excitement of the games, the thrill of betting and the innate satisfaction of competition while removing the ability to lose the things that are important to you once the computer is turned off. Bucca and Schapp have discovered a way to provide these criteria to members while giving back to organizations in need.

"My business partner and I have created, the only club format gaming site," says co-founder MIchael Schapp. The site's primary goal is to secure funding for charities, organizations and Unions that have been strategically screened and selected," he adds. The secondary goal of is to offer a safe and positive alternative to online gambling.

"I have witnessed the devastation and compulsive addiction of online gambling and the effect it has on the American family and economy. I saw the opportunity to create a business rooted in the good nature of helping others- two fold."

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