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Christmas Season Brings Lottery Jackpot Hope To Gamblers

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Miklos Atyim is just one example of the hope that comes to gamblers during the holiday season. Atyim won $280,000 in the Washington Lottery, claiming his prize on Christmas Eve, and serving as inspiration for millions of gamblers in the US.

During the holiday season, lottery sales tend to increase rather than decrease. Scratch-off lottery sales are way up during the holidays, with many people buying tickets to stuff stockings or to give as presents.

The result for the lottery system's throughout the country is added revenue at a time when it is much needed. The state lotteries have been hurt by the economic recession, and the holidays could not have come at a better time for states that offer lotteries.

"The idea that one ticket could make somebody really rich is appealing to consumers during the holidays," says Steve Schwartz, Gaming Analyst for CGW, "People are looking to give the ultimate present, and for those that win, the present will never be forgotten."

In the case of Atyim, there was not gift involved. he simply plays the lottery a couple of times a week, and did not even know he won until he checked the ticket with the clerk at the Benson Fred Meyer.

Of course, once a gambler wins, they must then decide what to do with the life-changing money. In the case of Atyim, the money will go towards bills, for others, new cars, vacations, and even new careers usually follow big wins.

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