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Focus On The Family Proves Online Gambling Ban Is Useless In US

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The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was put in place by the Bush Administration with the idea in mind that the government could do away with Internet gambling in the US. Now, a couple of years later it appears that the law has backfired.

That is according to Focus on the Family, who reported that online gambling is up. Revenue for Internet gambling rose to over $20 billion in 2008, showing the need for regulations within the industry.

"It's amazing, because people are worried because the markets are doing so badly, except they put their money into something that gives even less return, things like Internet gambling...," said Tom McClusky, Senior Vice President of the Family Research Council, as reported in

McClusky brings up an interesting comparison between the stock market and Internet gambling. The stock market exemplified the need for government regulation that currently is also lacking in the online gambling industry.

"People are going to gamble online, the key is for the government to realize the harm that the UIGEA is doing, and fix the problem. Regulation is needed to ensure that a players return at an online casino is maximized," said analyst Brian Schaeffer.

Land based casinos in the US have been struggling since the economy has taken a downturn, but online gambling is up. The convenience of gambling from their home is what is creating higher Internet gambling numbers than ever before.

"Many people feel more comfortable staying at home and gambling on their computers. They are saving gas, and in most cases, saving money they would be spending on food and drinks in a casino. These people should not be vilified for this act, they should know that the government is protecting their interests,' said Schaeffer.

One US Representative, Barney Frank, understands this need. Frank is expected in the coming days to introduce legislation that would overturn the UIGEA. The legislation will also call for the legalization and regulation of the online gambling industry in the country.

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