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Full Tilt Security Working To Keep Online Gambling Clean

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Full Tilt Poker is doing their best to ensure a fair game for all players who enter their site. Recently, their security team found some players in "violation" of site terms, and consequently refunded other players who lost funds playing with those members.

The online gambling industry insists that there are ways to combat any cheating that could take place within their sites. Full Tilt Poker is one of those sites that claims they are protecting their players, and their recent actions have backed that claim up.

"The Full Tilt Security department has recently concluded an extensive investigation and we have determined that some of your opponents were in violation of our sites terms," wrote Full Tilt Poker Security, in a letter to one of their players who wished to remain anonymous.

"We have permanently closed all of the offending accounts. In cases of proven cheating, 100% of the confiscated funds are returned to the players who were victimized," read the letter, "The reimbursement calculation is based on the number of tournaments or hands played against the offending players, and the amount won or lost against them."

The letter, which was obtained by CGW, goes on to inform the player of their amount of refund. The player acknowledged that they had indeed been reimbursed that amount by Full Tilt Poker.

Corruption is one of the main reasons that US Representative Barney Frank has proposed legislation for a regulated Internet gambling. The country has positioned itself as anti-online gambling during the Bush Administration years, but remains one of the top Internet gambling markets in the world.

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