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Investors Not Yet Sold On Future Of Online Gambling In US

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Regulated online gambling is coming to the US. When it arrives is the puzzle that investors must try to figure out before everyone else, and so far, investors do not believe that time is soon.

On Friday, there was a major victory for the Internet gambling industry in regard to its future in the US market, but that does not mean that investors were waiting by the phone to jump into the ring.

One company that could stand to make millions of dollars in revenue should the US regulate online poker, is Zynga Inc. The company currently runs the largest Texas Hold 'Em application on Facebook, the social network of choice of many people in the US.

The current system allows members to play against other members of the social networking site, but all of the money being played for is virtual, which means it can never be converted to real money.

Should the laws change, however, the company could stand to make millions, if not billions, by allowing these members to play for real money. Several other companies have been positioning themselves for law changes in the US as well.

PartyGaming is currently the highest traded gaming stock on the London Stock Exchange. The company recently settled a case against them in the US, and now is in a position to return to the US market should the laws change.

If that occurs, PartyGaming stock not only could become bigger on the London market, but they also could make a move to have their stock traded in the US market.

The watch is now on for gaming companies and potential gaming companies looking to take advantage of a regulated online gambling industry in the US. If the laws are soon changed, these companies could end up with a limitless ceiling, and that is what investors are waiting for.

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