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Mega Millions Gamblers Looking For A Cool $200 Million

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The Mega Millions Lottery was created with the hopes of offering bigger payouts than regular state lotteries could deliver. On Tuesday night, gamblers all across the US were hoping to hold the ticket that correctly picked all the matching numbers. If any tickets were grand prize jackpot winners, the gamblers would win almost $200 million.

State lotteries sometimes approach $100 million, but with many only holding drawings once a week, it can take months for the jackpots to grow that high. With Mega Millions and Powerball, the jackpots grow quickly as gamblers in many states are also contributing to the prize pool.

The holiday season has brought a large Mega Millions jackpot, and when nobody matched all the winning numbers on Christmas Eve, the jackpot was expected to be $196 million for Tuesday's drawing. The cash payout for anyone wishing to take a one-time lump sum was $$124.6 million.

Forty-two states currently offer the Mega Millions game, with many also holding their own lottery drawings each week. For gamblers who like the idea of winning big jackpots, the Mega Millions is the game of choice. The state lotteries typically have jackpots ranging anywhere from $1 million up to $100 million.

The lottery in many states have had an added responsibility in recent years with the addition of casino gambling. The Kansas Lottery is the owner of four casinos that were approved several years ago, and the Lottery Commission has been responsible for choosing developers to operate the casinos.

Lottery sales have been down throughout the US following the economic recession. In most cases, the lottery funds education in a particular state. The lotteries have also expanded from the days when only one lotto drawing occurred each week. Now, most states have different variations of lottery games for gamblers to play. In Florida, the lottery has even started to offer scratch off lottery ticket vending machines in popular grocery stores.

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