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New Hampshire Senate Says Yes To Expanded Gambling

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New Hampshire lawmakers are well aware of what is going on around them. They understand that there is a need to move quickly on the gambling issue, or risk falling behind other states.

That is why on Wednesday the Senate approved a new budget that included millions of dollars in revenue from video slot machines that are not yet even legal. The Senate voted in favor of expanded gambling at New Hampshire racetracks.

"It indicates we're thinking of the real problem facing New Hampshire, and we need an economic recovery and we need job recovery and we need private investment, and people are willing to take a chance to make that happen," said Senator Lou D'Allesandro.

Just because the Senate voted in favor of the video slots, does not mean the House of Representatives will go for it. Other states have shown that while one branch of the government may have been in favor of gambling, the other has been the voice of opposition.

Opponents of the expanded gambling have now vowed to take their fight to the House of Representatives. They must convince members in the House to vote against the plan, before it becomes law.

"We are working double overtime at the Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling to make sure that the House does not become a wholly owned subsidiary of the gambling industry," said Coalition member Jim Rubens, as reported by WMUR 9, "as it has apparently become in the Senate.

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