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No Neteller, Prohibition, No Problem : Gamblers Find Alternatives

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The United States gamblers who make up the mass of Internet gambling consumers still have not realized that former Senator Bill Frist pushed a bill through Congress in the closing hours of the 2006 session.

The bill, titled the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, bans banks from making transactions to illegal gambling entities located off American shores. It was attached like a leech to an unrelated and important-to-pass Port Security measure. Although the insiders of the gambling industry cried out for the general public to open their eyes to the deceit that was starting another American prohibition, US citizens paid no mind, because they were not truly effected. Until now.

Most Americans do not know that debate was not allowed on this bill. Amendments were not allowed, the Act/deal was made behind closed doors and only a very select few people were in on it. Well, as millions of Americans head to their computers for a little safe and legal online gaming this coming weekend expect them to discover what has gone on behind their backs.

Probably, the first time they ever tried to play online they were shocked to find that their credit cards disallowed the transaction. This shock would inevitably have been followed by a call to their bank to ask why they were not allowed to use their own money where they wanted. The response they would typically get would simply be, we do not allow transactions of this type. More shock and awe. That a bank that they trust to keep their personal and hard earned money safe, will not allow them to spend it the way they want.

After a little research and a couple of visits to sites like the Casino Gambling Web those people would have found Neteller, a site that works like an online bank. They would have found that they could deposit money from their bank account into Neteller, and then use that money anywhere they wanted in the world. Ahhhh. Freedom once again.

When those same people go to sit down at their computer tonight so they can meet their friends and play at an online poker table, or head to a slot machine or a blackjack table online for a night of personal enjoyment, they will find that they again cannot fund their account, this time stopped by Neteller, and again, more shock and aww. Perhaps, they will begin to understand the power of the United States government's shock and aww plan.

Other than in airports most Americans have not personally felt first hand the effects of America's anti-terror campaign following 911, but now they will, as a basic freedom is stripped away from them without them even having a say. Let the new prohibition begin...

However, there are alternatives to Neteller. There is Click2Pay, and Payspark, and InstaDebit, Wire Transfers, and, well, there are a good deal of other options that can be used to deposit fund directly into accounts such as All Jackpots. Click2Pay, which is just like Neteller only less well known, is just as secure and has all the same features except they will continue to support your freedom.

One by one the United States government will take out these entities, and one by one new ones will arise.

The rate at which people keep switching will not be a deterrent to the United States law enforcement. Millions and millions of dollars will go to stopping Internet gambling. Meanwhile, England, Spain, Italy, South Africa and other countries across the world will be accepting it, regulating it, taxing it, and keeping it out of the hands of global terrorists.

It is our opinion that if Americans keep finding ways to gamble online in mass numbers, than perhaps the government needs to seriously recognize that they, perhaps, are doing something wrong, something not truly in the best interest of American citizens, even it is in the name of anti-terrorism.

As a side note, to those who really have never heard of the UIGEA bill before, let it be known: Bill Frist cited gambling as ruining the fabric of American society, yet there are exceptions in his bill that allow state run lotto's, horse racing, and other land based gambling enterprises to stay legal. Oh yeah, and the honorable senator accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Harrah's, a Las Vegas based casino company.

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