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Online Casino Jackpot Might Be a World Record

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The online casino industry is in a frenzy as reports of the world's largest online jackpot winner ever becomes public. Rumors on the forums began as soon as Cryptologic's Millionaire's Club jackpot was reset earlier in the week. The jackpot had climbed as high as $5.9 million dollars over the past few days.

Millionaire's Club, the game of choice for most top online casino players because of the huge progressive jackpot, has been the center of attention for many of the best professional players. Previously, the world record stood at a little over $3 million.

The staff at Intercasino has confirmed that a really large jackpot was won, but further details have been kept private. According to published reports, it seems the lucky player goes by the screenname "obaesso", but casino officials have been hesitant to go on-the-record and confirm this statement just yet.

Other mysteries include what currency the player was using, or where the person lives. The jackpot has been around $5 million dollars all month long, with many players reporting to have come extremely close to winning it all, before falling into a deep slump. We have followed Millionaire's Club jackpots in the past, sometimes for months at a time, and one thing is for certain, somebody eventually becomes the winner. This time, its a world record.

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