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Online Gambling Censorship Continues With Facebook Ad Ban

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The latest setback for Internet freedom came last week when it was learned that Facebook, the social networking phenomenon, has banned all gambling, tobacco, and guns advertisements. The implications of that decision could be disastrous for the Internet, which already is battling extreme censorship.

CGW reported last week that Facebook was indeed implementing a new policy that would ban the aforementioned advertisements. The industries that were affected are ones that typically have to deal with this type of treatment.

"This is nothing new for the gambling industry," said Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins, "They cannot even get their main source of income, the NFL, to acknowledge their existence, so it comes as no surprise that Facebook officials ran from the gambling issue as well."

The online gambling industry has been under siege ever since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was created back in late 2006. Representative Barney Frank has been working on keeping the Internet free from government interference by proposing legislation that would overturn the UIGEA.

President Obama and his administration claim that they are also for Internet freedom, but the administration has done little to back up that stance. In fact, the administration has actually increased the attack on the Internet gambling industry.

This past year, the Department of Justice began to seize bank accounts that were associated with online gambling. This attack came at a time when some within the administration are trying to overturn the ill-advised online gambling laws in the US.

Facebook is taking a risk with their latest decision. It is expected that over nine million people will be using Facebook in the future, and a stance like this one against gambling could sway users towards one of the other social networking sites.

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