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Online Gambling Issue Continues To Dominate Political Landscape

The online gambling issue is not going away in the US. Despite the federal government's attempts to scare online poker players off their computers, millions of players continue to enjoy the game they love online.

In essence, the recent indictments handed down by the Department of Justice only serve as a wake up call to the millions of poker enthusiasts who will vote in upcoming elections. Never before has the online gambling issue been considered a game-changer in the political landscape, but that is the direction some analysts believe the issue is going.

"The federal government has done a good job in recent years avoiding the subject altogether," said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz. "Unfortunately, their actions are causing poker player to take note, and they are starting to voice their displeasure with the current system."

This week, there has been calls for the federal government to change their ill-advised laws against online gambling. The more likely scenario, according to many experts, is that online gambling becomes regulated on a state-by-state basis. The industry has grown to the point where even land-based casinos understand what must be done.

"You're not going to stop the Internet," said Jan Jones, President of Government Relations for Caesars Entertainment. "You can regulate it, you can put in protections, but it's going to exist."

That is the vibe coming from most casino executives. Wynn Resorts owner Steve Wynn was a long time opponent of Internet regulations, but he partnered with an online poker site shortly before the federal crackdown last month. Once the indictment came down, Wynn backed out of his partnership.

New Jersey may still become the first state to regulate online poker, despite a bill failing that Governor Chris Christie vetoed. Lawmakers are now considering a plan next year that would call for voters to pass a constitutional amendment, allowing online gambling.

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