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Online Gambling Now Legal In United States : Children Beware!

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Focus on the Family and other religious conservative groups looking to protect minors from gambling online need beware. Publicly traded American companies offer gambling to law abiding citizens; and it is all perfectly legal.

Hundreds of thousands of ordinary American citizens go to work all day; but before they go to work, on their lunch hour, and sometimes after hours, they head to their computers armed with nothing more than a hunch and an easily funded account in order to get their fix.

No restrictions on funding are implemented and any child who has access to their mother or father's wallet and a credit card bill can easily open up an account.

These poor parents who lack oversight of their children, along with the average American who has the unfortunate gene that makes them susceptible to gamble online, are in trouble.

Focus on the Family, where are you? We need help. This is a moral issue and we need, no, we must protect our citizens from themselves!

This legal form of online betting is like putting a gambling machine in every person's home, in every child's bedroom. This legal form of online gambling that we speak about, of course, is stock trading.

Etrade is the leader. They advertise on TV and the radio. Many more of these companies see billions of dollars transferred everyday. How do we know the owners of these companies are not laundering money or using these huge profits to help proliferate terrorist organizations?

Many of these companies even go so far as to put offices right next to schools. They have no regard for the children they may be influencing. Classes in school are even dedicated to studies of the industry, which serves to only feed all humans' insatiable appetite to gamble.

Meanwhile, message boards across the Internet are full with stories of monies lost by unsuspecting investors who put their money blindly in a stock that they know nothing about. Some say they recognized the name of the company, some say that they have once shopped at the company's store and quite liked their merchandise. They heard rumors from friends, on TV and the radio, of fortunes being made online. And thus, these poor souls were duped into this legal form of online gambling, and many have lost everything.

Some report that they have been driven to leave their family. Some have reported inclinations of suicide. Some have been known to rob stores and even steal from their own family to repay their debts and fund their accounts.

Sure, there are the experts out there who warn against these foolish actions, but American citizens are defenseless to their own impulses, and they are led by unguided desires to save for their future. How foolish!

Sure, there are experts out there who succeed in this roller coaster of an industry, who study the market conditions, who study charts and analyze the news, who know exactly when to buy and exactly when to sell. But that is not the majority.

The majority see their stock declining and panic. They sell too soon and lose, they buy too high and lose, but they are lured in by the dreams of becoming rich and they cannot control their actions.

We must protect our children. We must protect our people. Focus on the Family, please help us before it's too late!

Written by Gordon Price
Expert Gambling Analyst &
CEO of Casino Gambling Web

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