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Online Gambling Scam Could Be Linked To Chinese Couples Death

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The online gambling community can be a dangerous one to people who are trying to scam people out of their money. A Chinese couple was running one of these online gambling scams and it may have led to their brutal murders.

Zhen Xing Yang and Xi Zhou were murdered last weekend at their home in Newcastle. The couple had been dating since they met in school back in 2005.

Online forums in the Chinese community have revealed a possible motive for the attacks. Yang and is girlfriend were allegedly running an online gambling scam involving football.

The way the scam worked is information would be sent to gamblers on games that were on a small delay. The information could then be used to make bets on what had already happened. An ad for working for the scam was listed last October.

The ad read, "Work: watch football games and send live information to people. Requirement: Basic understanding of football rules, no professional background needed, advantage if you have a car. Location: Sheffield, London, Blackpool, Portsmouth, York, Hull, and many other places."

Some of the members on the forum appeared upset with Yang for non-payment for their work. "Give me the money as soon as possible, it has been three weeks. You don't even answer the phone, you liar," read one post.

Authorities have seized the couples computers and are investigating whether the illegal activity could have led to their deaths.

"Community intelligence supported by the examination of computer equipment and mobile call data has shown that both of the victims have been involved in fraudulent activity which has angered and upset a number of people," said Steve Wade, the Detective Superintendent leading the investigation into the untimely deaths.

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