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Only Two Days Left For Oregon Lottery Gambling Ads On Television

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The state of Oregon changed their gambling laws back in 2001 to include video gambling. Since that time, video gambling in bars and taverns have become the main source of gambling revenue in the state.

Back then, there were agreements made that the state would not advertise the video gambling on television. As the years have passed, those agreements have faded away, and recently an ad campaign started on state stations.

The campaign will run through the end of December, and then it will go away for about six months. The next group of ads are scheduled to air in June of 2010. The economy has forced the hand of lottery officials when it comes to the ads.

"With the economic crisis over the past couple of years has come a decrease in gambling in all states," said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz, "In Oregon, officials felt the best way to help raise that revenue again was to put the gambling options front and center on television."

The ads include actors wearing Cleopatra and Zeus costumes to promote games that feature both characters. Video gambling machines are available in bars and taverns in Oregon, but only on state run machines.

This is the first time that the lottery has promoted the video gambling, but they are no stranger to gambling promotion. The lottery spends almost $10 million a year advertising their other lottery options.

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