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Problem Gambling Ad By Oregon Lottery Aiming At Women

In the old days, it used to be a bunch of men sitting around a table playing cards all night. Even in areas where there were casinos, men were the primary target of the casinos. Over the past decade, however, women have become more involved in gambling, and that is scaring regulators in some states.

The Oregon Lottery is preparing to combat problem gambling through awareness, and they are focusing on women. While men still are the dominant gender found at the card tables, women have become increasingly involved with gambling on slots and the lottery.

In Oregon, the lottery rules as the supreme gambling option, and women enjoy many different aspects of the lottery. Billions of dollars has been wagered in Oregon since the lottery began back in 1985, and as the gambling culture in the US has grown, so has the attraction to betting by women.

"Men were always more interested in betting than women," said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz. "But what has happened in the past decade is that it has become more socially acceptable for women to gamble, and besides that, women actually started to learn games they had been avoiding for years."

Poker burst on to the scene as a mainstream gambling option in the last ten years, and with poker now being seen on major television networks, women who never before had gambled started to pick up on the game. Online poker is another way that women have caught up to the men in the strategy of the game.

Casinos have also become more prevalent in the US, with many couples making a night out at the local casino a regular occurrence. In many cases, both men and women do not understand how dangerous gambling can be until it is too late, and that awareness is what the Oregon Lottery is working on.

"The ad speaks to the importance of taking the first step, talking to someone who can help, if your gambling is getting out of control," said Wendy Hausotter, Manager of the Oregon Health Interim Problem Gambling Services. "Just as someone would thing it perfectly appropriate to seek help for a medical problem, one should also seek help when the problem stems from spending too much time and/or money on gambling."

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