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Real Money Slots Online Were Big Payout Machines : Pre-UIGEA

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Before the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act forced out the great software providers in the United States players saw the highest payout percentages for real slot machines. Some software providers had their slots payout at higher than 95% rates on a monthly basis. Brick and mortar casinos typically have their slots payout at an 83% monthly pace.

Go to Las Vegas and Atlantic City to play real money slots and you will most likely lose your money fast, but play real money slot machines at an online casino and you have a decent chance of winning. However, those stats are based on data before the US government stepped in.

The 85% payout rates at the brick and mortar casinos means that you will lose 15% of your dollar every time you spend a dollar on an average. The payout rates at online casinos typically payout at a 10% greater rate than Vegas, Atlantic City, and Indian land based casinos.

Online casinos had no choice but to keep their real money slot machines paying out at a higher rate in order to keep their visitors entertained. At the land based casinos they don't need such means because they have the advantage of live shows, hotel rooms, bars and clubs, shopping, and other things to keep you entertained. The only real way to keep an online player happy is to let them win more often.

The problem now is that the United States wants to regulate online gambling and tax the casinos. This means that the online casinos will lower their payout rates in order that they make more money in order to cover the losses they will endure in taxes. This also means that the United States government can regulate what the payout rates should be, as the governments do in Vegas and Atlantic City, and the operators will of course set them to the bare minimum.

Before the UIGEA the online slot player was in his or her glory days. Once the UIGEA is repealed and the United States steps into the industry, the slot player will ultimately be the one who loses.

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