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Approximately 30% of all online casino players are women and that number is growing. According to a recent study done in the UK, women are going crazy for online casino games, especially online casino slots and poker.

In the old days, women were intimidated when it came to gambling. They had trouble remembering the rules of games like craps, roulette, and especially poker. Women began playing casino slots just as a way to kill time while the men were high-rolling over at the table games.

Nowadays, women are stepping up to the plate and playing online casino games in order to fulfill their gambling needs.

"I used to be so intimidated when I sat down at the casino," said Beverly Myers, a housewife from Tampa, Florida.

Well, that was about 20 years ago, before this former grocery store assistant-manager became a semi-professional online casino player. Her advice to women in the heavy and competitive world of online gambling, "Take risks and push yourself past your limit."

Beverly says trust your intuition, as your first instinct is usually the best bet. Beverly, now 54 years old, says she plays online about 12 hours per week, betting anywhere from $250-$1000 per sitdown.

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