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US Government Tackles Problem Gambling In New Legislation Proposal

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Casino gambling is becoming more prevalent in the US with every passing day. Individual states are expanding casino gambling as a way of generating revenue to help with budget shortcomings.

Along with the expanded gambling, also sometimes comes gambling addiction. Up until now, the federal government has not been involved in finding ways to combat problem gambling. Representative Jim Moran has introduced a Bill that will change all of that.

Moran has introduced the Comprehensive Problem Gambling Act. The Bill would call for federal resources to be used to help develop research and treatment methods for problem gambling. It would be the first time in history that federal resources have been used for gambling addiction.

The National Council on Problem Gambling fully supports the new legislation. The Council has long worked to bring information to the public on where and how people can get help for their gambling addiction. The addition of the US government, should bring to light the problems that gambling could create.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration would be the organization responsible for doing most of the research and developing treatment guidelines.

Other countries have already began developing national standards for treating problem gambling. The US, although a slight bit behind, has the resources to take the lead in the treatment of gambling addiction.

Many states have expanded their casino options, but not their problem gambling treatment. It has caused concern among groups like the Gambling Council, who believes that with expanded gambling also comes the responsibility of educating people on the dangers of gambling.

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