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Utah Transit Authority Says Fines Coming For Internet Gambling

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The state of Utah is now joining the fight against legalized Internet gambling. Whether a person is doing so legally or not, the Utah Transit Authority, has now adopted an ordinance that will allow fines to be handed out for visiting gambling sites.

The Authority did not stop at gambling. They also will fine anyone who visits pornography sites while using the Authority's free wireless Internet service. It is basically putting the burden on the passengers instead of the Authority.

There are filters in place that direct passengers away from sites that are deemed inappropriate. The passengers must agree to the terms and conditions, which includes being filtered, but the filters do not always work.

"Instead of finding a filter that will do what it is supposed to, the Authority has adopted the policy of blaming the passengers for visiting these sites," said observer Franklin Verdely, "it really is not the proper way to police online gambling."

Verdely pointed to the idea that even sites such as ESPN sometimes offer gambling options. He is concerned that it will become discretionary as to which sites passengers should be fined for visiting.

The fine for a first time offense under the ordinance that was adopted in May will be $300. For each time after the initial fine, the passenger will be fined $500. A transit police officer would be responsible for handing out the citations.

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