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MGM, Harrah's Step up Pressure on Congress for Online Poker

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Two of the largest gaming companies in the world are stepping up their efforts to get Congress to consider legalizing, taxing, and regulating the booming online gaming industry. According to an article at, the casino companies feel the time is right to apply pressure to the legislative body to consider the legalization, taxation, and regulation of the multi-billion dollar industry.

The first step in considering this would be a federal study of the online gaming space, which is what the casino companies are pushing for. A study would accomplish a couple things. First, any formal study by the Federal Government of the online gaming space would likely put any currently pending legislation on hold. This would slow down the legislative process, and also slow any perceived momentum the current bill, which is scheduled to be opened for discussion by the House Judiciary Committee again tomorrow, would have gained to this point.

But, a study would also accomplish something else. It may enlighten lawmakers to the real challenge that any ban of online gaming would present. Is such a ban even possible, in a day and age when the internet is such a dynamic, constantly changeable entity? Many senators don't think so. "It doesn't look like you can ban it" Senator John Ensign (R-Nevada) told Bloomberg. "The argument the industry is making is, if it is being done offshore, why not bring it to the US, where it can be regulated. "

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