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Adelson Fighting Hard Against Online Poker In The US

Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson has been a strong opponent of online poker in the US since the movement began several years ago to regulate Internet gambling in the country. Now, with regulations already put in place in several states, Adelson is once again putting his money up to stop the movement.

It was learned this week that Adelson has commissioned a survey, aiming to show that residents in four states are overwhelmingly against online poker. It will be tough for Adelson to prove in a nation that is increasingly accepting of online gambling.

"Sheldon Adelson is trying to hold on to the old days, and it's a fight he probably is going to lose," said analyst Phil Transtil. "He would be better served getting on board, like most major gaming developers in the US have done. Online gambling is here to stay, and the more he fights it, the harder it will be for Sands to catch up."

Transtil was speaking about developers such as Steve Wynn, who have embraced the online poker movement. While Adelson has been fighting to keep online poker out, Wynn has been setting his casino resorts up to handle online gambling when the time comes.

Nevada, where Adelson and Wynn both have properties, has already regulated Internet gambling. The state has launched he first online casino, and several more are expected to launch this Fall. Wynn has been proactive in the movement, while Adelson believes the online poker will take business from land-based casinos.

As part of the commissioned report, surveys were conducted in California, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky. In conclusion, the survey revealed that over 65% of those polled were against online casinos. That figure has a margin of error of nearly five percent.

Adelson became a billionaire by making key decisions in expanding the casino industry worldwide. His biggest distinction has been moving US developers into Macau. The area has since become the largest gaming destination in the world. Adelson also has advanced his global idea with a move into Singapore, and he is lobbying Spanish lawmakers to develop casino resorts in Spain.

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