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Alex Rodriguez Set To Meet With MLB About Illegal Poker Games

Alex Rodriguez has just come back from an injury, and he is already out of the lineup again with a new ailment. The physical injuries, however, are the least of the slugger's concerns, with Major League Baseball investigating the Yankees' third baseman's involvement with an illegal poker game.

Rodriguez has denied that he was involved with the game that had high profile celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matt Damon allegedly involved as well. The game is said to have been for large sums of cash, something that Major league Baseball frowns upon.

The league has not yet contacted Rodriguez directly, but their first face to face meeting will come this Friday when Rodriguez is scheduled to sit down with league officials. It is expected that Rodriguez will deny being involved with the illegal gambling. If the league finds otherwise, a possible suspension could be in Rodriguez' future.

This is not the first time that Rodriguez has been in trouble with MLB. Before last season, the Yankees star admitted to taking human growth hormones. The admission destroyed much of the confidence that any player was free from the steroid era. Rodriguez had been thought to be one of the clean players of the era until the stunning confession.

While playing in the big leagues, Rodriguez has also been warned about his gambling prowess. It had been reported that Rodriguez had appeared at several underground poker games, and league officials warned the star to stay away from the illegal gambling dens in the future. If he turns out to have violated their trust, a suspension could be coming.

Baseball is trying to clean up their image after the steroid era, and commissioner Bud Selig has held to a zero tolerance regarding gambling. Pete Rose has been banned from baseball for gambling on the sport and while millions of fans want Rose reinstated, Selig has made it one of his top priorities to stand tough on the issue.

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