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Beware Of The Bot At Online Poker Sites in The Future

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Not only do amateur poker players have to worry about playing against more skilled players when they play online, but now there is an opponent arising that might not be beatable, a computer program.

Poker playing computer programs, which are commonly known as bots, are a growing problem for online poker sites. The technology has been tested against top pros, and just recently Phil Laak and Ali Eslami barely defeated the computer program named Polaris.

The problem that arises now is there are hundreds of web sites that contain information about the details that go into one of these computer programs. Everyday people are getting their hands on the software and are creating these programs on their own.

There is even a site that exists where an open forum with over 5,000 members exchange programming formulas and bot strategy. The details are so in depth that the forum also has topics on teaming up computers to go after one table, and how to avoid detection.

For the everyday casual player, this software could destroy their bank accounts, seeing as though a computer never gets tired and can run for 24 hours a day, and play multiple tables at a time.

There is no advantage for the online sites to go after these programs, because, while it breaks moral rules, the sites themselves don't gamble at the tables, they just take a rake of every hand that's dealt. That means that there is no reason to spend money on technology to help stop the bots.

However, in order to maintain the security of their site places like Full Tilt told us that they have high quality tools in place for detecting when a bot is playing. If they do detect a bot playing they will ban the username for life. They said they can not expand on how they detect bots in fear the creators would then find ways around the detection once again.

In the end, poker might end up right back where it started, with players playing in casinos, where they are face to face with their opponent.

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