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Day After Christmas Sales May Be Good For Poker Players In 2010

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The game of poker has grown into such a phenomenon over the past decade, that it is common to find home games being played by friends all across the world on a nightly basis. With the popularity has also come a major spike in poker related sales.

Websites have popped up all across the Internet that sell poker accessories. From custom made tables to poker chips and cards, the business of poker has never been higher. With the growth has also come competition, and that competition will be shown in the coming days.

The day after Christmas sales are typically some of the biggest sales of the year, and in 2010, that trend should continue. For those looking to take advantage of the after Christmas sales, today will be the day to strike. Gamblers will have the opportunity to get some of their favorite accessories at discount prices.

Poker tables can be a pricey proposition if a player decides to have their table custom made. Any of these gamblers, however, that can deal with a mass produced table, the after Christmas sales may be the perfect time to purchase new tables. The cards can be found in the range of $20 a deck during the year, and those prices drop the day after Christmas sometimes by fifty percent.

"My friends and I play for fun once a month, and we have been doing so for several years," said Mark Bronin. "I always stock up on cards and usually buy a new set of chips every year the day after Christmas. I'm already looking for deals online for tomorrow."

Online poker has become almost as popular as poker in a casino in recent years. While the home game players look for deals at the poker accessory distribution sites, online players may be taking advantage of bonus opportunities at online sites leading into the new year.

Online poker has been at the forefront of US politics in recent weeks with Senator Harry Reid pushing an online poker regulation bill. The legislation did not make it through during the lame-duck session, leaving poker enthusiasts discouraged about the prospects of new online gambling laws in the next couple of years.

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