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Defamer Tries to Defame Jamie Gold

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In a blog post on the infamous Defamer website, which reports the supposed truth about celebrities, Jamie Gold was denounced as a former Hollywood agent claiming that Gold's stories of making James Gandolfini a star are all just clever bluffs, like the one he pulled to win this year's World Series of Poker Championship.

The undisclosed, and perhaps unreliable source for the Defamer explains, "Jamie Gold never represented any of the people he keeps saying he has. Lies, lies, lies. He was an ASSISTANT, and then a very very junior agent at a small agency in the early 1990's who MIGHT have taken messages from some of these people, before forwarding them to their real agent..."

The blog post claims that the media is to blame for not checking out the facts about Jamie Gold and his history. He claims that nearly all of Jamie's stories are lies, including one that said the 'Entourage' movie star character, Ari Gold, was based on his life and personality.

The blog post also claims that Jamie has quite a few big time Hollywood backers who he has to pay off, which will leave him with only second place caliber money winnings from his Championship.

Whether any of this is true is almost impossible to figure out as Jamie Gold has no records of anything and right now he is claiming all he says is true. The facts, though, are that Jamie Gold is the undisputed Champion of this year's World Series of Poker, and no Defamer can take that away from him.

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