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Felony Remains The Law For Online Gambling In Washington

Online poker is still very popular in the United States despite the UIGEA. The law was put in place to try and slow the amount of online gambling taking place, but it has not been successful.

In Washington, a law was put in place back in 2006 that made gambling online a felony. Thursday, that law was upheld by Judge Mary Roberts.

The law was being challenged by many who felt the law was unconstitutional. The judge did not agree, however. She rejected the unconstitutional argument, which means online gambling will remain a felony.

Opponents of the law and online gamblers were present at the courthouse, and voiced their displeasure with the ruling. They feel they are being treated unfairly.

"This law completely takes away our rights as U.S. citizens. I work hard for my money, and if I want to spend it gambling on a game of skill online, I should be able to do so," said Les Warner, a poker player.

Although gamblers are up in arms over the ruling, they should not be entirely concerned with the potential penalties for being arrested. The law is not aimed at stopping the gamblers, but the online companies, claims officials from the state gambling commission.

The law was put in place to protect gamblers, according to the commission. Opponents of the law are still going to appeal the decision. They claim the law is the harshest in the nation.

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