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The world's largest online poker tournament website, dealt out its five billionth poker hand last week. The winner of the lucky hand and a $57,500 cash prize was a 30-year-old grocery store manager from Germany. The cash prize was part of a $1 million celebration giveaway on and its companion free-play site,

Manuela, who works at Aldi, a popular grocery chain in Europe, was playing at PokerStars late one evening when the landmark hand took place. At the time, more than 100,000 poker players were logged in from all over the world. Manuela was playing in a friendly five and ten cent no-limit hold 'em game and was ecstatic to learn she had won the key five billionth hand. "When I heard about the at PokerStars, I just had to log on and play," Manuela said afterward.

"I had not calculated on actually winning the prize. I just wanted to be part of the fun. Some of the other players were playing at multiple tables to increase their chances of winning. But, I just played at the one table, and I got lucky and won it!

"Here in Germany, it was two o'clock in the morning," she explained. "I was on the verge of going to bed. "For the winner, the prize money came at an ideal time and will be used for a special purpose. "I was born with an eye disease to eventually go blind", Manuela said. "I need to have an expensive eye surgery. Thanks to PokerStars, I can now have the surgery without worrying about the cost."

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