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France Online Gambling Market Expands With Addition Of Titan Poker

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France has made big strides in its online gambling industry in 2010. This year, the French government opened its doors to online gambling regulation, something that previously had not been done in the country. Now, the government is moving all in.

After legalizing online gambling early in 2010, the Regulatory Authority of Online Games has moved quickly in trying to license the biggest gaming companies in the world. The latest to obtain a license to operate in the country was Titan Poker.

Europe is a hotbed for some of the biggest online gambling in the world. Outside of the US, Europe is considered to be the biggest gaming market in the world, and France is the second largest online gambling market in Europe. That has the government giddy over the type of revenue that may be produced through Internet gaming taxes.

France was under pressure from the World Trade Organization to change their online gambling laws. Unlike other countries, such as the US and Portugal, France decided to give in and comply with European Union trade agreements. Once they opened their doors, the foreign gaming operators came calling quickly. Getting a piece of one of the biggest markets in the world became a top priority.

Lawmakers in the US are also now considering changing their online gaming laws. Senator Harry Reid has just this past weekend supported legislation that would make it legal for individual states to license online poker operations. The stipulation is that casinos and horse tracks could run the sites, but they have to have been open for at least five years in order to obtain a license.

Legislators in New Jersey have already authorized online gaming licensing for their Atlantic City casinos. The casinos would be allowed to accept customers from New Jersey and foreign countries. If they do accept foreign customers, New Jersey may find themselves in violation of EU trade agreements.

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