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Full Tilt Poker In More Legal Trouble After Class Action Suit Filed

If Full Tilt Poker thought that consumers were going to feel bad for the company after they were indicted by the US Department of Justice, they have been given a major wake up call in recent months. Several lawsuits have been filed against Full Tilt, the latest coming on Friday in Quebec.

A class-action suit was filed on behalf of gamblers in Canada that have been unable to access their accounts and withdraw funds from their Full Tilt accounts. The lawsuit claims that Full Tilt is in violation of the user agreements the gamblers were given at the time they signed up for a Full Tilt account.

At this point, it is unlikely that any gamblers are going to receive their money in their Full Tilt accounts unless the company finds an investor to infuse cash into the business. The likelihood of that happening decreased after the latest round of negotiations between Full Tilt and European investors produced no results.

As for the class-action suit, the premise revolves around Full Tilt freezing player accounts. Although the freezing of the accounts was due to the company losing their license and being indicted, they could have chosen to go the route of PokerStars and pay customers back the funds in their accounts, which they chose not to do.

"The class action involves Full Tilt Poker's illegal freezing of clients money that's kept in accounts available through the website," said the Groupe des droits des consuommateurs, who were responsible for filing the motion in Quebec Superior Court on Friday.

Full Tilt spoke publicly a few weeks ago for the first time since the indictment. While the company did acknowledge their role in not paying customers back, they also appeared to be looking for compassion on the Two Plus Two poker forums. The compassion, however, was nowhere to be found as people were sounding off about the idea of Full Tilt not taking care of their customers.

Even if Full Tilt finds investors to infuse the cash necessary to pay back online poker players, it would take a long time to convince these players to again trust the online poker site. The new owners would likely have a plan in place on how to persuade players to come back, and many analysts believe that plan would have to start with paying all of the customers the remaining funds in their accounts.

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