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Ever since the first Ancient Greek bookie took some action on a chariot race, sports and gambling have been a perfect match. Look no further than the millions wagered on Saturday's Kentucky Derby - athletic competition and betting are meant to go together. Here's why:5 Rooting interest. Even the diehards have trouble getting pumped up for, say, Ohio Valley Conference hoops. Put a little money on the games, however, and you're Murray State's biggest fan.4 Showing support.

If it weren't for gambling, would events such as the Derby, March Madness or the Super Bowl have the same appeal? Friendly wagers placed by average joes have made the NFL king and the Motor City Bowl watchable.3 Retirement fund. Betting on sports is a lot more fun than dumping your money into a 401k. Plus, if you're planning for your golden years, it's probably a safer bet to take the Patriots and the points than hoping Social Security will still be around.2 Quick and easy. Thanks to the endless supply of Internet gambling sites, there's no longer any need to meet up with shady guys named Manny behind the laundromat. Online poker

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