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Illegal Poker Gambling Leads To Arrests In North Carolina

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Around the US, home poker games can be found on almost any given night in any given city. The game that took place in a Thomasville, North Carolina home on Thursday, however, was not one of those legal games. That led police to raid the game shortly after 10PM on Thursday evening.

Donald L. Coltrane is the owner of the house at 220 Washboard Road. The house was raided and Coltrane was arrested and charged with possession of slot machines and gambling. Coltrane will have to appear in court on the charges in September.

The game may have been a regular occurrence judging by what police seized in the raid. Poker tables, playing cards, poker chips, and an undisclosed amount of cash were all seized. Slot machines, indicating the gambling was more than just poker, were also seized, as was surveillance equipment from the home.

Authorities claim that they had received many complaints about the size of the games that were being held at the house. Upon looking into the matter, the police followed protocol by seizing the gambling paraphernalia. When police arrived on the scene, forty gamblers were inside the residence.

Police around the US have been busy raiding Internet cafes in recent months. The cafes have been deemed illegal because the owner sells Internet time, but then allows the gamblers to use that time to play various slot-like games on the computers in the cafe.

The legality of poker, especially in Internet form, has been a debate that many state Supreme Court's have had to settle in the past couple of years. The rulings have come down in a manner that would make it hard to determine one set standard for whether or not the home poker games are legal.

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