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Illegal Poker Rooms Facing The Wrath of Houston Police

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The game of poker might be popular enough to entice people into playing at their own establishments, but players in Houston are finding out that police are not standing for it. The city of Houston is just like any other city in the United States when it comes to the game of Poker, almost everybody plays, and that means that there are many illegal games around town.

Houston police are making sure they get their message across loud and clear, if you engage in any of these illegal games, you run the risk of going to jail.

The Houston Police Department Vice Division raided one of these illegal poker games earlier this week at The Palms poker room. 13 people were taken to jail ranging from the organizers of the game all the way down to the dealers. No one playing was arrested, but several were given subpoenas to appear in court.

Apparently undercover police were watching the game for over a month and the police claim that over $10,000 a night was going through the room. It is not known whether that was profit, or just the money that was on the table at one time.

This could just be the start of the crackdown in Houston as the police department has warned that there could be more busts coming and that if you are playing poker at one of these illegal poker rooms, that you just might be playing with an undercover officer.

The SWAT team accompanied the police to The Palms because it was such a private club that to gain entry players had to have swipe keys to get in. The place also had hired a private security firm to keep an eye on the room from the outside.

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