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I tell everybody I'm a poker player, not a gambler. Most shake their heads. Perhaps the poker players understand. So when my bosses handed me $50 to gamble as I pleased, I thought two things.

One, it's freeroll time, baby.

And two, they don't know poker isn't gambling.

I took my greenbacks to Newcastle Gaming Center where, for my money, okay, for The Transcript's money, resides the best poker tournament in town, er, Newcastle. They play it Friday: $30 buy-in no limit online Texas hold 'em with $20 rebuys and add-ons. Here's the way it works. You hand over $30 for a seat at a table and 1,500 in tournament chips. At any time during the first hour your chip stack falls below 1,000, you may buy another 1,000 for an additional $20, and you may do this over and over and over again during the first hour.

Also, during the break following the first hour, another $20 will buy you an additional 1,000 in chips. The rebuys and add-ons manage to do two things. One, if you bust out, you can jump back in. Two, where the prize pool began at $870, it likely ended around twice that after all the rebuys and add-ons were collected.

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