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LeBron and Arenas making first round a major show of skill is the best to play online poker!

James is the Chosen One, and Arenas is the one who chose uniform No. 0, a jab at detractors who said he would not play at the University of Arizona.

The Cavaliers' superstar entered this Eastern Conference playoff series against the Washington Wizards generating top billing. All the more reason Arenas has spent the first five games trying to rearrange the names on the marquee.

Judged on their own merits, they are two of the NBA's top young players. Pitted against each other in a series straining to contain their talents and personalities, James and Arenas are the best show in these playoffs.

Their inspired play, remarkable point production and late-game heroics are making the defensively challenged Cavaliers-Wizards series the most fascinating of the first-round offerings. James leads the NBA playoffs with a 36.4 point average. Arenas is second at 33.6. Read more and find out who to gamble on with your sports gambling wagers and really impress the sportsbook..

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