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Mah Jongg, Now an Online Gambling Skill Game? is the best to play online poker!

Mah Jongg is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world, even though most Americans have never heard of it. It is another skill game that is now trying to make its mark on the internet gambling market. First there was poker, then backgammon, and now there is Mahjong, or Mah Jong, or Mah Jongg, depending on which source you are reading, but most sources agree that any way you spell it is correct.

The newest Mah Jongg gambling website is The site is becoming popular because it has a flash tutorial for all newcomers to the sport/skill game.

The sport, outside of the online world, is also becoming more popular due to the many tournaments being held in bars and pubs across Asia and Europe. Most players follow International Rules, also known as Chinese Official Rules, however many other players play under Hong Kong rules. Both ways can be learned at

Since the world started watching Poker on ESPN and the Travel Channel, those same channels have tried finding the next big thing after poker, there was dominos and then there was darts. Could Mah Jongg be the next big thing?

If you ask an Asian player if Mah Jong could be the next big thing they may look at you like a fool, because to them, Mah Jong has been the biggest thing for centuries. Perhaps it is time for the rest of the world to figure out why.

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