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Many people start a small business because they want to re-pot themselves. Think of it this way: you take a root-bound plant, put it into a new pot with fresh soil so that its roots can stretch out, and then watch the plant grow. That's the image of a healthy plant and a healthy person. If you have succeeded in moving on from a played-out career or a dead-end job to re-pot yourself as a small business owner, then you have already experienced this sense of renewal. Countless people come to the conclusion that they would rather work for themselves after working for other people.

Still others wait until they?ve retired from their main careers before becoming entrepreneurs. No matter how they arrive at owning a small business, though, it feels like starting over. One of the first references to re-potting comes from a 1980 article in The Wall Street Journal (with thanks to the excellent Web site, Double-Tongued Word Wrester Dictionary ). The article about the then-president of Verbatim being fired includes this anecdote: "Mr. McCuen, contacted at his home in Sunnyvale, was rather stoic about his dismissal. ? 'It?s about time for me to get repotted somewhere else. '"Some people, though, don?t wait to re-pot themselves as small business owners. They are born entrepreneurs who have been making money since they were 9 or 10.

Take, for example, Sean Belnick, a 19-year-old undergraduate at Emory University who started his own business when he was in ninth grade. His stepfather had sales experience in the office chair industry, and Belnick knew how to put together a Web site. So the young man suggested that they sell office chairs online. Five years later, what started as an after-school project in a teenager?s bedroom has grown into a full-fledged $15-million dollar online business called BizChair. com . A recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (April 28, 2006) points out that Belnick has always had the ?entrepreneurial bug?:

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