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Montel Williams Endorses Online Gambling With New Poker TV Show

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Reality television meets poker. That is the premise for a new television series from Emmy award winning talk show host Montel Williams. He will be introducing the International Team Poker League to viewers in November.

"I love poker. It's a game that has everything, played by kings and leaders and regular joes alike. It crosses boundaries and borders, now, thanks to technology and the Internet, a global phenomenon that brings people of different ethnicities and origin together around the world. It is truly international, and the time is right for the International Team Poker League to take poker to a new level and a wider audience," said Williams.

Williams is a known poker buff, and his calling attention to the industry through the new television series is yet another reminder of how online gambling regulations are needed in the US.

Williams acknowledges that his series was made possible through the advancement of poker on the Internet. While the argument still exists as to whether the game of poker is one of skill or luck, it is becoming more clear which way the law looks at the game.

A judge in Pennsylvania recently ruled that poker was a game of skill. The judge has now set a precedent that will be used in other poker cases and debates around the country.

Part of Williams' new show will take place on the Internet. Online satellite tournaments will be held online and at land based casinos for the poker series. The show will run much like a conventional talent show.

Once the satellite tournaments are complete, all of the winners will be brought to a Las Vegas casino and placed on different teams. Those teams will then play one battle royal type final table to become the ITPL champions for this year.

The winning team will receive more perks than just the title. They will also be taped playing pros and living the poker lifestyle. The remote gambling industry is being targeted by Williams for sponsorship of the new show.

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