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New Danish Poker Tournament World's Most Expensive Buy-In

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It's not only in Las Vegas you can win lots of money. A Danish company is now launching a poker tournament that can measure up to the largest and most expensive in Las Vegas. On 29 August, will be launching a tournament where access to the tournament costs €5.000

The world's most expensive buy-in...
With a €5.000 buy-in, the tournament will be the world’s most expensive multi-table tournament.

"We have a clear objective that this tournament will be a permanent element of the palette at We will run the tournament on the first Sunday of the month 12 times per year. However, the first time will be on 9 September so we can get underway as soon as possible," tells Marketing Manager for, Steffen Kristensen

Participation of Danish star...
Rene Mouritsen, who was the most victorious Dane at WSOP in Las Vegas (World Series of Poker) and who has recently been in London and participated in the Scandinavian Masters which is to be broadcast on national TV - has announced his arrival for the tournament on

"It is a unique opportunity for me to participate in such a large tournament on Danish soil," states Rene Mouritsen. "If I can in any way help a Danish, serious poker site like to obtain further international success, then as a Dane I will naturally do everything to support the initiative."

Well-known football player behind...
The company behind KickOffPoker has the former Danish national player, Stig Tøfting, as investor. Among others, Stig Tøfting has played for Häcken, Bolton, and Hamburg SV. Stig Tøfting is himself an eager poker player and will also participate in the tournament. "Hell, yes. I must see what it's all about and of course I want to win," says the former Danish national team veteran.

Play your way to a place in the finals for €60. If you don't have the nerve to pay €5000 to pit yourself against the best poker players in the world, then it is also possible to participate in a so-called satellite for €60. This means that you play a qualification round where the best player goes on to the final.

The premiere of the tournament on will be on 29 August for the first satellite and the first final is on 9 September.

For further information and picture material contact: Steffen Kristensen, +356 799 54148,


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