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New York's Tribeca Receives Strip Poker Art Demonstration

The game of poker has been growing in popularity over the past decade to the point where it has become a mainstream activity. Land-based, and online poker rooms have been filled with millions of people around the world who have become enamored with a game that has been around for centuries.

Artists have often depicted the game of poker in their work, most notably the painting of dogs playing poker. Art has always taken mainstream ideas and twisted them to enamor the deep-thinking mind. That scenario is playing out again, starting this week in Tribeca, New York, where "I'll Raise You One...," has begun.

"I'll Raise You One...," is a strip poker game that is being played out in a gallery window. Zefrey Throwell is responsible for the presentation, and he claims that the display is one of freedom and artistic expression. Throwell, himself, is one of the contestants in the game that runs each day from 10:30 AM to 6 PM.

The strip poker game is played out to its conclusion, at which time all of the players get dressed, and the game begins again. It is a continual cycle that plays itself out for the entire seven and a half hour day.

The poker game is also a follow up to Throwell's, "Occularpation: Wall Street." The artist maintains that a strip poker game is similar to what is taking place in the US these days, where the wealth is not evenly distributed, and that everyone should not be playing by the same rules regardless of their economic situation.

New York has been thrown into the fire when it comes to the gambling industry. In recent months, lawmakers have been working on gaming bills that would increase the amount of casino gambling in the state.

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