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NFL Players Denied Chance To Participate In Poker Charity Event

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The NFL has one of the strictest policies regarding gambling, a policy that at times has become comical to those who understand that it is gambling that drives the sports popularity. This weekend, the league stopped dozens of players from participating in a charity poker tournament.

Around twenty-five NFL players were set to participate in the Starkey Hearing Foundation charity poker tournament. The event, Raising Money for Africa, brought in some of the top stars in the world. Steve Martin was in attendance, as was Lou Ferrigno. Despite the charitable cause, the NFL told its players they could not be involved.

"This is just another reason as to why the NFL is hypocritical when it comes to their gambling stance,": said Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins. "The NFL make sports books billions of dollars each year, yet they become aggressive when it comes to keeping their players out of charity tournaments."

The issue for the NFL was likely the use of their "NFL" name in describing the players that would be in attendance. The league is protective over use of their logo or name, unless of course, there are millions of dollars paid for the right to use the name.

A couple of years ago, the NFL and its owners showed just how much they were against gambling when the owners voted in favor of allowing teams to partner with local lotteries and create scratch off lottery tickets with team logos. The Redskins and Giants are just a couple of the many teams that have their names printed directly on gambling cards offered by the lottery.

The players that were told not to play in the poker tournament on Saturday in Las Vegas, still showed up to support the cause. many of the players became cheerleaders for the celebrities that did enter the tournament.

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