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A perfect example occurred recently on NBC's National Heads-Up Poker Championship in a hand between me and my good friend, poker professional, Evelyn Ng.

In the hand, Evelyn raised to 1,200 before the flop, and I called with Js-9s. The flop came Jd-4h-3d, and I checked. Evelyn bet 1,600. At that point, she was ahead in the match, and I only had 12,600 in chips left.

Finally, after much thought, I decided to go all-in hoping that she couldn't beat my pair of jacks. She thought about calling for quite some time but eventually folded the 7d-4d.

On the surface, it might seem like Evelyn made the right decision. After all, I had a pair of jacks and she only had a pair of fours. With poker, though, as I hope you'll learn from reading this column, there is often more to it than hand strength alone.

First, let's look at the odds of her hand against mine.

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