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Party Poker New Texas Hold 'Em Tourney is the best to play online poker!

The Party Poker Big ThrowDown is a new Texas Hold 'em poker tournament featuring athletes from 6 disciplines playing to represent their sport and win a seat at the grand finale to be held on Friday, August 4th at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles.

The Big ThrowDown qualifying rounds each feature a minimum of 6 athletes and take place at prominent action sports events: wakeboarding, snowboarding, BMX, skateboarding, FMX and surfing One athlete/representative will be selected from each sport to move onto the championship.

The Big ThrowDown championship will include the 6 winning action sport stars from their respective qualifying events to play for bragging rights and fun at the first annual Big ThrowDown.

Spokesman Warren Lush said: "We're very pleased to be involved with this brand new concept. These guys and girls are used to taking it to the limit but we'll soon find out if they are any good at no limit."

"For these action sports stars, playing poker is an enjoyable part of their lifestyle while on the road," says James Leitz, Vice President of IMG Action Sports and co-creator of the Big ThrowDown. "Party Poker has created a forum for these athletes to show their stuff and determine who is the Poker Champion of the action sports world."

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