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Patent Assures Lightning Poker, Inc. Will Be Major Player in Casinos

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Casinos have been doing their best to cut operational costs. Many casinos have moved to automated poker tables on a trial basis. Lightning Poker, Inc. has received a patent that could change casino poker forever.

Lightning Poker Inc., a subsidiary of Lightning Gaming, Inc. has announced today that they have secured a patent with the title "Electronic Game Table". The patent will help the company move forward with their move of automated poker into casinos.

The key to the new patent is the center monitor, it is the main component to the automated tables the company produces. The game itself is played just as it would be with a dealer. The only difference is that ten players sit around a console and the center monitor displays community cards and the dealer.

The advantage to the machines for casinos is it decreases their cost. Dealers will not be needed with the new games, meaning profits will increase. The addition of these virtual poker machines will not replace live poker immediately, but if the public takes to the new game, it might not be long before they become a full time replacement.

"We are very pleased to see another of our patents issued from our portfolio of pending applications," said Brian Haveson, CEO of Lightning Gaming.

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