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Poker Bad Beats Are A Reason For The Gambling Craze

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Poker has been around for years and years, and for as long as I can remember, the thought was that it was the game itself that draws players worldwide to the tables.

After doing some investigation into this matter, I have changed my opinion. I have come to realize that the bad beat, above all else, is what keeps players coming back for more.

Recently while sitting at a local casino playing Texas Hold'em tournaments I came across several different types of players. Now granted, part of poker's appeal is the wide range of personalities sitting at any given table at any given time.

For purposes of this article, let's forget individual personalities and speak of the personalities that take over a person in a bad beat situation.

The first personality is the "it figures" player. This player goes into a race with the best hand, and fully expects that their opponent will catch a card and beat them. When the aforementioned does happen, the player comes out with the line, "it figures".

The next player is the "percentages" player. This player gets into an all in situation when the percentages are in their favor, and when they lose, they assure everybody at the table that the percentages were in their favor.

Only problem here is those percentages are based over what should happen over time, not taking into account individual hands.

The last player is probably the most annoying, we'll just call him the "you're a moron" player. This player believes they are the best player to ever play the game of poker, and that they should win hands both when leading or trailing into the flop.

Here's an example, player A holds A-A, goes all in and gets called by player B with 8-8. An 8 comes on the river, and player B wins, player A's response, "you're a moron for calling with pocket 8's".

Example two has player A raising large with A-5, and player B calling with A-J. Ace comes out and player B wins, player A's response, "you're a moron, you shouldn't have called a big raise with that hand".

So this player just believes they are the best player in the universe, and everyone else should just pay them without playing the game.

So the bad beat has evolved into a creature of its own within the game of poker, and more and more players are realizing the luck involved in poker.

If this is truly the case, then more and more people should gravitate towards the slot machines, where the big payout possibility exists, and away from the poker tables.

This will not happen , however, as in finishing my study, I came to a realization. People would have nobody to blame but themselves for losing at the slot machines, and that would go against the growing trend in the world of people not having accountability for themselves.

So as long as there is someone else to blame for our failures, poker tables will remain filled with potential bad beat candidates.

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