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Poker Dispute Settled The Old Fashion Way in Curepe Junction

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In old movies regarding the game of poker, the outcome frequently ended with someone drawing a gun and shooting another player over a dispute.

Unfortunately, that scenario became reality over the weekend when a fight broke out at Apple Club, Curepe Junction around 7:00 in the morning.

There was an arrest in the deaths of Akeil Daly,25, from Salazar Street, Point Fortin, who was dead at the scene, and Sheldon Noel,30, of Gloster Lodge Road, Belmont, who died at the hospital.

The man arrested was from Champs Fleurs and had links to a Port of Spain based gang. Daly, who went by the street name "Slows", was playing poker with five other men when the shooting occurred.

There are several theories surrounding the shooting, but the most likely scenario was that the shooting happened due to an argument over the card game. Another theory is that a drug deal gone bad was the reason for the shooting, and that the victim, Daly, was the target of the attack.

The argument broke out, the killers left the game, then returned and settled the dispute with gunfire. In addition to the killer, police were also holding a man that is considered to be the driver of the getaway car.

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