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Poker Home Games In South Carolina Not Being Legalized This Year

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Home poker games in South Carolina are illegal, and some lawmakers were trying to change that. With a new Bill on the table to legalize home poker games, many were excited with the prospects.

That excitement will have to wait a bit longer. The Bill has been sent back to a legislative panel, meaning that more than likely no vote would take place this year.

The Bill was introduced by Representative Wallace Scarborough. His interest in the matter peaked when he found out about a 79 year old woman that was arrested while playing poker at a home game.

Although the game was violating the law, a percentage of the entry money went to the house, Scarborough still felt it was time to legalize home games. The Bill, however, will have to most likely wait another year before it is voted on.

The new Bill is not the only game related of its' kind. Another Bill is also under consideration that would make it legal to play board and card games in the state, as long as gambling was not involved.

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