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Poker Players Power Gambling Petition Past 5,000 Signatures

Sign the Petition to Repeal the UIGEA The Internet gambling petition, meant to show the public's desire to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, has seen a resurgence following a message from Focus on the Family gambling analyst, Chad Hills.

Hills sent a message to his religious followers following the announcement that Casino Gambling Web was going to be sending representatives to Washington D.C. to lobby on behalf of the American people. Hills noted in his article that the Internet gambling petition that CGW started had only a little over 4,000 signatures and laughed at the industry's efforts.

The article by Hills was then posted on the popular poker forum, 2+2, and mayhem has ensued.

"In trying to rally his own followers," said Gordon Price, gambling analyst and president of Casino Gambling Web, "he inadvertently fueled the fires of poker players who had their favorite past time taken away by the UIGEA."

The Internet gambling petition will be hand delivered to every congress person and senator in Washington D.C. in mid to late July, sometime before everyone goes on their summer break, by the representatives of Casino Gambling Web.

Since the 2+2 poker forums posted the Focus on the Family article the petition signatures have increased by 10% - in just one day.

Before Chad Hills' article the petition had a little over 4,500 signatures. Currently, there is more than 5,000.

The Repeal the UIGEA petition started on April 23, 2007 and will continue indefinitely.

"The goal is 10,000 signatures, but the more signatures added the more lawmakers will pay attention," Price said.

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