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Skype Is Down Leaving Gambling Friends To Use Their Mobile Devices

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Online poker has become one of the biggest entertainment forms for gamblers all across the world. Gamblers that used to get together in their homes to play poker, are now turning to the Internet and Skype for their hang out time with their friends.

Skype was reported to be down this afternoon, and it left dozens of gamblers having to use their mobile devices to contact their friends while playing their online poker games. It has become popular in recent months to have Skype on while playing poker online.

"I have a couple of computers in my house and I usually set one up to play poker, and the other has my Skype on, depending on the day, I just sit and talk with one of my friends while I'm playing, because the poker games can drag out sometimes," said a poker player from Wisconsin who wished to remain anonymous. "Today, I lost connection right in the middle of talking to one of my friends. It stunk, but life goes on."

The Skype problem appeared to be worldwide, and not just in the US. A thread on asked whether or not Skype was only down in the US, and several others reported that the networking tool was down in their area as well. Those other areas reportedly affected were the UK and several provinces in Canada.

Tests show that Skype is technically not down, but thousands of users have reported problems logging in, while others reportedly are experiencing crashes in the middle of their sessions. The problem have affected not only the social users, but also those that use Skype to interact with their business partners.

Skype became popular when families realized they could see their relatives while talking to them directly through their computers. Businesses have used Skype to set up face to face meetings for employees who are in different parts of the world. Around twenty millions people use Skype on a daily basis.

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