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Sometimes In Betting Less is More is the best to play online poker!

Situations will arise in No Limit Texas Hold'em when a smaller bet will actually give you more bang for your buck. More specifically, there are times when betting half the pot will give you the same amount of information as betting the whole pot. This is a relatively simple concept, especially among top tier players, but it's a strategy that many novice and average players haven't fully grasped. Let's look at an example to help clarify this point.

Suppose you are playing No Limit Hold'em and raise before the flop with A-10. Only the player in the big blind called you, so you continue play heads-up with 700 in the pot. The Flop comes Kc-8s-4d. The big blind checks to you. You decide to bet in the hope that your opponent missed the flop and will fold. The question is, how much should you bet?Well, if you bet the whole pot, 700, you'll definitely find out if your opponent is serious about continuing with the hand. If he calls the pot-sized bet, chances are he has a better hand than your ace high.

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