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Teenage Poker Millionaire Warns Against Dangers of Gambling

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Mike McDonald has just become a millionaire. He went oversees and played in one of the biggest European poker tournaments, and he won. $1.4 million to be exact.

Why then, was he smart enough to return home from Germany to his hometown of Waterloo, Ontario, and warn other teenagers of the dangers of getting involved with the game of poker?

"Realistically, there are a lot more failure stories than there are success stories," said McDonald. His admission is just what the Responsible Gambling Council was hoping to hear. their worry was that teenager kids would look up to the new millionaire and want to follow in his footsteps.

Jon Kelly, the Council's Chief Executive feels that many kids will be duped into believing they, too, can win big money playing poker. He was quick to point out, however, that McDonald had years of experience in learning how to be skilled and disciplined playing the game.

McDonald has spent years perfecting his game, and claims to have taught some of his friends how to play. "If you approach it like a game of skill and you're constantly analyzing your decisions and stuff like that, you most likely will end up being successful. But 99 percent of people that play this game, just play," he said.

He also advised teenagers against spending their money on the game of poker. "For the vast majority of people, staying away from poker is probably best."

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